27 Jul

Hey champs!

Have you won Social Prize sweepstakes?  We’d love to hear your story!

An e-mail should be going out soon to all recent winners.  There, we’ll share some handy tips on how you can join the celebration and flex your champion muscles.  This is super cool (and valuable) to us because…

  • It shows your friends that those invites you’ve been sending them actually leads them to goodies and opportunities to WIN!
  • We can discuss future promotions and features, giving you early access and a hand in the evolution of our community platform.
  • It builds trust and dispels the notion that “no one ever wins sweepstakes” (now you know this is hogwash).
  • We to get to know you (and serve you) better!

If you’re interested in interviewing with us or e-mailing us a testimonial, contact Yomar at yomar(at)socialprize(dot)com - looking forward to hearing from you!

Now a Social Prize member yet?  Click the photo to join!

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